How To Download Documentation with wget January 10, 2010

Every now and then I find that what I’m looking for is not available in a convenient Debian / Ubuntu / apt repository. (My favourite applications that I wish would add themselves to Universe, or Multiverse, or Launchpad, or something, are Komodo Edit, and Task Coach. My felicitous find was python-django-doc, which I remember downloading with wget a year or two ago.)

diveintopython is available, but diveintopython3 isn’t (yet?) (although Mark Pilgrim does make it very convenient to download).

And neither is what I would name its package zend-framework-doc.

So here is the quick and easy way to download the Zend Framework Documentation. Make yourself a convenient directory to put the files in. I called mine “zend-framework-doc/html/”. Then open a terminal in your new directory, and type:
wget --recursive \
--level=1 \
--no-parent \
--page-requisites \
--convert-links \
--no-host-directories \
--cut-dirs=2 \

You can see from the long-format switches what I want it to do. You’ll find the same command useful for loads of other documentation.

Then move the directory to where all the other documentation is on your machine, like so:
cd ../..
sudo mv zend-framework-doc /usr/share/doc/

And then this URL will work:

Happy days.

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